For our Class programme we use a similar Core RESULT-12 phase programme to our personal training structure, but with greater flexibility.


This ensures our seasoned class members get an appropriately difficult and challenging class. We can also introduce new members in at anytime and they will still have safe and effective sessions. Whilst still learning the exercise techniques needed to succeed in following our group programme.


If you have done circuits in your local health club, you can expect our classes to be very different. A greater variety of fun and effective exercises and no hiding in the corner, we push you to work to a level to get you to your goals.

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Metabolic circuits – Hot and Sweaty

  • Hard
60 min

Bring a towel for these ones. No need to sit on a bike or spend 30 minutes on a treadmill to get your cardio in. Our high energy Metabolic conditioning sessions are great ways to push up your cardio fitness.

Female friendly gym chichester

High Intensity Interval Training

  • Hard
60 min

High Intensity Interval Training Don’t let the name scare you off. Remember, it is adjusted for each person doing the session. The principle is short intense work periods paired with very short rest periods. Lots of bodyweight or light weight exercises paired with blasts on the rower, Airdyne bike,...

EDT – Escalating Density Training

  • Normal
60 min

  EDT – Escalating Density Training You may recognise this one from the Core R.E.S.U.L.T programme. Escalating Density Training is probably the most requested style of training we use at Core Results and the idea is to do more work in the workout than you did in the previous workout. The most p...

Strong and Sweaty

  • Very hard
60 min

Strong and Sweaty Just like phase 4 in the Personal Training programme this is a class that focus’s a bit more on strength, but also throws in a lot of Metabolic work. We focus of 4 big exercises (Squat and Lift, Push and Pull) which will involve shifting a bit of weight (again relevant to the exper...


  • Easy
30 min

PureStretch is a 30-60 minute class designed to lengthen the entire body whilst focusing on core stability. It will improve flexibility, develop core strength and add more balance to a fitness routine. PureStretch classes are designed to be light hearted, stimulating and interactive. They are choreo...

Flow yoga Chichester

Flow Yoga

  • Easy
45 min

No-Fluff Flow Yoga is 45 minutes of no-fluff yoga delivered flow style. This playful session will help build range of motion, mobility and core strength. All abilities welcome. Of course this is free for Core Results member, but we welcome non-members at just £7 per class. Learn more about Flow Yoga...

There are fundamental differences between the Personal training and group sessions.

It is quite difficult, with the greater number of people in a group session, to do heavy lifting and lots of barbell work in the classes. For this reason there is more of a focus on the metabolic side of things, rather than strength. This does not mean strength is neglected, you just won’t be doing typical strength work in the classes.

You can expect more Strongman style circuits with sandbag and kettlebell work, farmers carries and loads of Sled and Prowler work.

However, as the focus is more on the metabolic end of the spectrum, this does not mean you can expect a traditional step/aerobics style class.