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Advent Calendar Day 1 – Walking for Relaxation

Welcome to a healthier Christmas from the Core Results team. It is December 1st so we can officially start talking about Christmas. This is a difficult time for health and fitness. It is not exactly the time of the year that people decide to go on a fitness kick and really scrutinise their diet.

It is a time however, when a large portion of the population put on quite a few pounds which they invariably don’t manage to lose over the year. It is also a time where people become very busy. It seems that many of our members’ training and nutrition focus wains at this time of the year, and the focus shifts to getting work projects wrapped up before the end of the year, getting ready for time off with family, catching up with loved ones, and of course socialising and partying. If your social life has notched up a gear, then something will have to give and for most people that is their fitness.

However, this does not mean you have to give up on it completely and in this series of 25 blogs we will be giving you a number of tips to help you keep on track so that you can dial your fitness back up in January without having lost too much ground in December.

So here is day one on the Core Results Advent Calendar of health and fitness, come back every day for another healthy titbit from the Core Results team.


Walking for Relaxation

Walking is a massively underrated tool in the weight-loss, health and fitness, and mental health toolbox. I am not even talking about going for a power walk, I mean getting out into the absolutely beautiful West Sussex countryside with your partner, kids and your dog for a jaunt.

This is not about distance covered or calories burnt, in fact, remove your Fitbit, turn the smart phone off and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. At this time of the year I would recommend you rather getting out for an extra 15 minute walk every day than dragging yourself to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and hammering a 30 minute run out on the treadmill.

Walking not only contributes to your daily activity and calorie count, but is also a fantastic way to reduce stress levels and clear the mind.

So find a way to add 15 minutes of walking into your day and reap the benefits.


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