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Advent Calendar Day 16 – Go Vegetarian One Day a Week

For today’s health tip we want you to know that we at Core Results are big fans of some good quality meat. However, we probably eat too much low quality meat. This has an effect on the environment, but also the welfare of the animals that it comes from.

We find that a lot of people believe that a vegetarian (or in the case of our recipe today, vegan) meal is going to be a bland and tasteless salad or boring veg on a plate – this certainly does not have to be the case. So our recommendation today is to make an effort to cook at least one vegetarian meal a week.

We asked our friend, Core Fitness gym member and local yoga teacher Jamie, for an easy and tasty vegetarian meal recipe and she suggested this family favourite below. Not only is it vegetarian, but vegan too, quick and easy to prepare, contains regular grocery store ingredients and there is no special kitchen equipment required.

To find out more about Jamie visit her site:

This is a delicious spiced red lentil, tomato and kale soup recipe which you can find here:


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