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Advent Calendar Day 21 – A Time for Giving

As the lyrics in the Cliff Richard Christmas song tells us, Christmas is a time for giving. Research exists which supports the benefits of kindness and altruism.

Let’s be honest, we all far prefer giving gifts than receiving them and there are a number of ways we can make a difference to someone’s life at this time of the year. So go out there and do something for somebody else without telling anyone about it

  1. You could buy a food package and donate it to your local food bank
  2. Make a donation to a charity that is focusing on helping the Syrian refugees
  3. Buy a suspended coffee at your local coffee shop.

Do something good and don’t seek credit for it!

On a more fitness related note, and the fact that you are reading our blog, means you probably have more of an interest in fitness than most. Why not help a friend or colleague with their fitness. Take them to the gym with you or even better; bring them in to see us at Core Results and we can help them take their first steps on the path to health and fitness in the right way.

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