Advent Calendar Day 5 - Home Exercise Press Ups - Core Results

Advent Calendar Day 5 – Home Exercise Press Ups

Following on from our Advent Calendar Day 3 introduction to Core Fitness Home Exercise Programme, we will now share with you some exercises that will work well for your quick home EDT.

Firstly, we look at the press up, and how to do these correctly. The press up is an amazing exercise that can literally be done anywhere, at home, on a walk, in the garden. So we have created a video along with the steps below to ensure that you have the best guidance.

1. Set yourself up so your hands are roughly in line with your chest

2. Try to keep your elbows over your wrists

3. Maintain a long spine with chin tucked in

4. Now brace your core by pulling in the belly button and squeezing your butt cheeks together

5. Keep your shoulder blades down and back

6. This can be done with straight legs or to make it easier, simply drop your knees down keeping good spine alignment

Watch the YouTube video here…


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