Am I too unfit to join your gym? - Core Results

Am I too unfit to join your gym?

It still surprises me how often I hear this when speaking to new enquiries or trial members.

We specialise in looking after people that might feel that a normal gym environment is not for them.

In fact, many of our members had never been a gym member before joining Core, but I regularly find our potential new members under the impression that they need to be fitter before joining us.

My response is always along the lines of this…

The most important thing for us is to make sure any new member feels safe and looked after.

If someone has been inactive for some time, it makes it very easy to train a bit too hard during their first few weeks if unsupervised.

With this in mind, our trial month is all about gaining trust and making anyone new feel happy to be here without over working them.”

Getting fitter and stronger is not a 5 minute job, and we always make this clear to any new enquires.

Unfortunately human nature is to want results quickly, but usually this is unrealistic for someone who is completely new to exercising regularly. However, once you find your feet, then yes results can accelerate rapidly for beginners!

So the key is to look at getting towards your fitness goal whatever that may be, and to accept it isn’t going to happen in a few weeks. If you have realistic expectations and set yourself achievable short term mini goals to hit along the way, you are more likely to keep going for the long term.

Don’t let being unfit stop you from making the first step to improving your life. We know how nerve-racking joining a gym can be for some people, even just contacting us, let alone actually coming into the gym!

We are not worried about how fit you are when you come to us. Our job is to work with you wherever you’re at, and progress you to where you want to be!

But to give you peace of mind in taking that step, this is why we offer our 1 month trial to start with. While we are confident that you will enjoy this and see the value in how we look after our members, it allows you to give yourself a month to get used to us, and see if how we do things is what you need without committing longer term.

If you’d like to find out more about our trial month, then please get in touch and we can have a chat.