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Advent Calendar Day 25 – Merry Christmas from the Core Results Team

All of us at Team Core, Chichester would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas. Please remember that you are, and always will be a work in progress, so give yourself and break and enjoy your day. You have tomorrow and the next day to […]

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Advent Calendar Day 24 – Home Exercise Programme – Split Squat

I would love to say this is a favourite exercise among our members, but I think it is more of a love/hate relationship. They love to hate it! This is not only a great quad exercise, but also, if performed properly will increase range of motion at the ankle and help improve balance. Start with […]

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Advent Calendar Day 23 – A Time for Reflection and Introspection

This is the time that most of us stop to think about what we have achieved over the past year, ponder life events and evaluate how successful we have been in achieving our goals. For most people, the goals that we set to achieve in January are long forgotten by February, so this can be […]

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Advent Calendar Day 22 – Home Exercise Programme – Wall Glide

Here is another one to add to your Home Exercise Programme – a great exercise to maintain lower back health, especially if you spend a lot of time seated at a desk. Like the 4 sign exercise, this should be done at a low grade level and you must not perform it aggressively. Start gently […]

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Advent Calendar Day 21 – A Time for Giving

As the lyrics in the Cliff Richard Christmas song tells us, Christmas is a time for giving. Research exists which supports the benefits of kindness and altruism. Let’s be honest, we all far prefer giving gifts than receiving them and there are a number of ways we can make a difference to someone’s life at […]

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