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Advent Calendar Day 8 – Benefits of Mindfulness

I was reading an article recently on meditation and a quote that stuck with me was “Meditation is like doing reps in the gym. It strengthens your attention muscle”. I could give you a number of new-age touchy feely reasons, but I think the following outline the benefits of mindfulness and meditation quite accurately:

  1. Increase focus
  2. Decrease anxiety
  3. Manage stress
  4. Increase creativity
  5. Increase memory capacity

This is now based on so much evidence, from reliable sources and publications too. In fact, members of the 2016 Team GB Olympic squad, after their fantastic recent success, have been outspoken in the fact that they have used meditation or the benefits of mindfulness to help them achieve success during stressful sporting moments. This includes bronze medal winner Tom Daley and Britain’s most decorated female athlete Laura Trott whom are reported in saying that this was an essential part of their training regime.

The Internet is a major resource for guides on how to meditate, increasing from 2-minute spans and increasing in periods of time. Plus apps such as Headspace whom offer a free trial, provide access to information, resources and techniques to bring meditation into your daily routine.

A book on mindfulness was recommended recently on one of the forums that I follow:Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world. If you are interested to research the book further, it can be found here on Amazon link


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