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Advent Calendar Day 15 – Enjoy Creative Snacking

One of the questions we regularly get asked at the gym when it comes to nutrition is, what snacks should I eat? Typical snacks people tend to go for are crisps, chocolate, sweets, cereal bars, fruit, vegetables, dips etc. Now not all of these are unhealthy, but most of these are ‘convenience foods’. The thing […]

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Advent Calendar Day 11 – Not Feeling Up to Gym? Go and Warm Up

Not feeling up to gym today? Let’s face it, we have all been there. It is time to go to the gym and you are just not feeling the love. The idea of putting in the hard graft just seems too much. It is all too easy to just give in and stay at home […]

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Advent Calendar Day 8 – Benefits of Mindfulness

I was reading an article recently on meditation and a quote that stuck with me was “Meditation is like doing reps in the gym. It strengthens your attention muscle”. I could give you a number of new-age touchy feely reasons, but I think the following outline the benefits of mindfulness and meditation quite accurately: Increase […]

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Advent Calendar Day 7 – Home Exercise Prisoner Squats

The next exercise in our Home Exercise Programme introduces Prisoner Squats. When it comes to exercise to be done at home, they don’t get much better than the Prisoner Squat. This whole body exercise is great for building strength and also getting the heart going. To get the most out of your squats, here are […]

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Advent Calendar Day 6 – Nutritional Basics Eat Your Greens

Before switching your focus to more detailed aspects of your health regime such as exercise routines, make sure you have the minimum basics in place to support your fitness journey – the nutrition basics. Increase your vegetable intake. Most of us do not eat enough vegetables, especially at this time of year when our eating […]

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