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The Benefits of Meal Planning and Prepping

You may have heard of it, but are you aware of the many reasons and importance of meal planning and prepping? It really does have a significant impact for those wanting to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthier lifestyle. While all meals require planning, the prepping depends on your personal goals, taste preference, time […]

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The Question of Protein Powder

I often get asked by members whether they should include a protein powder in their diet. My first answer will always be to get your protein from as many whole foods as possible rather than a protein shake. For some however, this isn’t always possible due to: time constraints, budget, food choices and other aspects. Now protein […]

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Healthy Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day is here and many will be hitting the kitchen to cook up some tasty treats! Falling on Tuesday 28th February this year, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) is the last day before the start of Lent where many will commit to giving something up. Pancakes typically contain ingredients such as butter and eggs that […]

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Advent Calendar Day 16 – Go Vegetarian One Day a Week

For today’s health tip we want you to know that we at Core Results are big fans of some good quality meat. However, we probably eat too much low quality meat. This has an effect on the environment, but also the welfare of the animals that it comes from. We find that a lot of […]

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Advent Calendar Day 15 – Enjoy Creative Snacking

One of the questions we regularly get asked at the gym when it comes to nutrition is, what snacks should I eat? Typical snacks people tend to go for are crisps, chocolate, sweets, cereal bars, fruit, vegetables, dips etc. Now not all of these are unhealthy, but most of these are ‘convenience foods’. The thing […]

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