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Cardio vs Weight Training for Weight Loss

The debate over whether weight training or cardio workouts are better for weight loss has carried on for decades. Fitness experts, trainers and athletes on both sides have put forward their personal and professional arguments. It can be confusing trying to plan an effective workout schedule if you’re unsure about how your training methods will […]

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Another Successful Core Results Chichester Fitness and Weight Loss Story

Nothing delights us more than being able to boast yet another successful Core Results Chichester fitness and weight loss story! This particular gym member was only to pleased to provide us with an overview of her journey and achievements since joining our gym in February. Rachel’s Fitness and Weight Loss Journey When I joined Core […]

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Break through your Weight Loss Plateau

So you’ve worked hard, you’ve stuck to your diet and exercise routine and seen great results and then you’ve hit it… a weight loss plateau. This can be extremely disappointing. The feeling of stepping on the scale after yet another week of dedicated diet and exercise management, only to find that you again haven’t progressed […]

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Wedding Day Weight Loss in Chichester

One of the most memorable days in your life is your wedding day, where all eyes will be on you. There will no doubt be a camera focused on you most of the time. For this reason, many brides and grooms ensure that they put in a good few months of dieting and exercising to focus on […]

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