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Changing the way Fitness is done in Chichester

As you may know, at Core Results, we are doing our best to “Change the way fitness is done in Chichester”

This means we do not simply do something a certain way because that is how it has always been done. We are always looking for the most effective and efficient way of doing things. This is not restricted to programme design, exercise selection or nutrition, but applies to every aspect of how we run our business.

Between the team at Core we have over 35 years of experience with training clients. I (Greg) am just coming to the end of my 18th year as a Personal Trainer and Paul, Emily and I have seen a huge range of different clients with differing needs and have come to identify what our members really need.

So how are we different to other gyms in Chichester?

The first and most obvious difference is our facility. The first thing you will notice when you walk in the door is space. Our gym is not rammed full of machines and there is plenty of open space to actually move like we are supposed to. There is a distinct lack of cardio equipment – we have one treadmill, two bikes, a concept 2 rower and an Airdyne bike. We have far more creative, interesting and effective ways to get your cardio in. We have also designed our facility around how we deliver our programmes, so our sessions with members are a journey through the gym and makes for a more pleasant training experience.

Next is the constant supervision we offer our members. It does not matter if you are training with a Core Coach, doing a group session or training in the gym on your own, we look after you. We  will always make sure that you are training safely and efficiently. If one of our members is not sure of something, we are always on hand to help them out and expect them to ask us if they have a problem. No hiding in the corner not knowing what to do at Core Results!

Guaranteed results! We are extremely confident in our services, so much so that we guarantee our results. This does not mean you pay us your hard earn cash and then sit back and let us do the work. Oh no, you still have to put the work in, but our coaches will motivate and educate you and give you all the support you need to achieve your goals. All we ask is that you attend all your session (at least 2 visits a week), do your homework session, so in effect have three activity sessions a week, follow your nutrition programme to the letter and if you do not drop a clothes size in your first month, we will either give you your money back and send you on your way or we will train you for free until you have. Can’t ask any fairer than that.

A tried and tested, progressive and effective group exercise programme. Plenty of gyms offer group sessions. They make up the bulk of the services that most gyms offer. However, these are typically generic classes designed to fit everyone with no real thought to goals and progress of the members. Our classes are designed on the same principle we use in our Personal training programme. We believe in progression, so if you are a group member, you will see progress every week and this will accelerate you to your goals.

Ultimate flexibility on your Personal Training Sessions. We want our members to train. Having a strict 24-hour cancellation policy only helps the gym. It does not offer value to our members. Why would we want to charge you if you are unable to train. We do our best to make sure that you never miss a session that you pay for. The only time we charge for a session is when you do not let us know in advance that you are going to attend. Otherwise, we try and find another time in the diary for you to train. We all live busy lives and we realise that family and work come before the gym, so we help you as much as possible to fit your sessions in.

Semi Private Personal Training (SPT). People do not come to us as say they want a personal training. Most people who sit down in front of us have come because they want a result. Fat loss, weight loss, improved posture and function, injury prevention and recover, strength and fitness are what people are after. That is what we provide, we just happen to deliver it in a different way to most other personal trainers. So what is Semi Private training? This is where one of our Core Coaches will look after up to three members at a time and take them through their paces. Our members still work off their own programme and do their own workouts. The topic of SPT requires an article on its own, so stay tuned, as that will follow this article shortly. It will cover all the benefit and advantages of Semi Private training.

So why not visit us and find out for yourself

Results are at the core of our business!


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