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Core Results R.E.S.U.L.T Programme Phase 7 & 8

As discussed in our previous articles, our 12 phase R.E.S.U.L.T Programme is our blueprint that not only guides you towards your health and fitness goals, but also educates you for a lifetime of safe and effective training.

Phase 7: Rest Based Training (RBT)

Another form of metabolic resistance training – this is a member driven workout with the rest time being dictated by the member.

No set rest time is planned in the workout. The member is directed to work until they can’t, and then rest until they can. If this means stopping and resting mid-way through the second exercise, then that is when they rest.

The idea is to train until you can complete all the required sets and reps without resting and then increase the weight to increase difficulty.

Phase 8: Strength EDT

This is the same as with phase 5 EDT: EDT is probably the most requested style of training we use at Core Results. We have three different styles of EDT that we use but the principle is always the same.

The idea is to do more work in the workout than you did in the previous workout. The most popular protocol is 2 exercises for 10 mins. with 5 reps per exercise. We have a stopwatch and a counter and at the end of the time period, note down the total reps and weight used. The member then just needs to do more reps or increase the weight they used in the next workout, increasing the overall volume of the work they do.This one really appeals to those that like to set a benchmark and then work hard to beat it.Phase 5 is structured to give a greater metabolic response, but will also result in a surprisingly good strength improvement.

… but with greater focus on strength training as opposed to metabolic conditioning.


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