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Low Fat vs. Low Carb Diets for Weight Loss

More people than ever before are attempting to lose weight and get fit. We know that the most effective way to lose weight is with a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise. If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, the key is to be consistent with your healthy diet and exercise regime. Diet, in particular, is crucial to weight loss, as ultimately you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. So, should you go with low fat, or low carb diets for weight loss?

Low Fat vs. Low Carb

The low fat diet aims to reduce fatty foods such as dairy, red meat, baked goods and oils. Low carb diets focus on reducing the amount of carb-heavy foods, such as sugar, bread, pasta and potatoes.

According to a recent study by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine, neither low fat or low carb are better than the other. 609 overweight adults took part in the study over a year, with an even split of men and women. Every participant underwent genetic and insulin testing. Half of the participants were randomly assigned a low fat diet and the other half a low carb diet. None of the participants were told to restrict calorie intake. They were however advised to reduce added sugars, trans fats and refined flours. They were also advised to maximise vegetable intake and focus on consuming low-processed, whole foods.

The Result

At the end of the yearlong study, participants in both the low fat and low carb groups had lost, on average, 13 pounds. Whilst the individual weight loss results were very varied, with one participant losing 60 pounds whilst another gained almost 20, the study revealed that there was no real difference between either diet. There was also no correlation between insulin levels or genetics and weight loss.

The study therefore revealed that there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet, and that those wishing to lose weight should focus on what works for them as an individual. People wishing to lose weight should choose a diet that suits them, based on their own individual weight loss goals, personal preferences and what is realistically sustainable for them. The study also suggested that a successful weight loss diet should include more vegetables, less sugary drinks and less processed fats. This, combined with looking at your goals as an individual, should ultimately be your key to successful weight loss.


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