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Don’t just take our word for it……

In this industry of ours; that of health, fitness and nutrition; there are many gyms and personal trainers promoting how they can help you lose weight, look great, be healthier etc.

We at Core Results also promote the fact that we can assist you in these ways, however the reality is that the proof is in our members, the changes and the differences in their lives, that they experience.

Saying no more, I very proudly present this recommendation we received last week from one of our members:

When I joined Core Results in late November 2016, I told Greg I wanted to “get rid of my big fat gut.”

Two months later, I’ve lost over a stone, 8cm from my waist, 8 cm from my chest and a total of 10 cm from my arms and legs.  Whilst they don’t sound like particularly big numbers, what’s been the biggest surprise is the significant change to my overall body shape…which is why I felt comfortable enough to take the stretchy-sides-to-my-previously-tight-trousers photos.

I joined as part of an overall mission to get healthier before my 45th birthday in June 2017, which also includes changing my eating.  I have set many targets before, but always failed miserably left to my own lazy devices.  In 2015 I paid a year’s membership fees for three swims at a local health club and, even at the start of 2016, only managed ten yoga sessions before apathy got the better of bendy.  I knew that this time, I needed support, encouragement and a sense of personal responsibility to help motivate me if I was going to succeed.  I have certainly found that in Core Results, where even when I’m thinking my way into wrapping up as quickly as possible, I find myself staying on to do “just one more set than last time”.

The atmosphere is friendly and purposeful, and everyone is working hard, regardless of their fitness / weight / health / experience starting point.  There are no cliques, no sense of anyone looking down at you, just a collection of all shapes and sizes, genders and ages working to get healthier.  And smiling…most of the time!

Over the past two months, I have been trained by all of the Core Results Team, and been extremely impressed by their expertise, attention and patience.  I am not a particularly co-ordinated person, and for some reason, my brain makes simple instructions very complicated the moment I walk through the doors.  But Greg, Paul, Emily and Matt have been saint-like in helping me to achieve the correct posture.  After six weeks, I finally mastered “bending forward with a stick.”  I’m now on Phase Two of the personalised programme, and working on “getting up on a box with one leg crossed”.  

I heartily recommend Core Results!

For us at Core Results, this is why we love what we do, and this member’s personal achievements, are our achievements too!

Let us assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals. We welcome you to come and visit us in the gym and find out more


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