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Easy Home Exercise Equipment

Every now and again members will ask my opinion or recommendation on items of home exercise equipment. Members want to be able to exercise at home, but don’t want bulky equipment cluttering up their living space. There is no need for huge, electronic pieces of equipment in order to get an effective workout. With just a few simple pieces of kit, you can top up on your gym days, or catch up when you are unable to get to the gym.

Here are a few items I suggest would be good to have at home, and won’t cramp your space! I have provided links to where items can be purchased online, however it is advisable to review varying product brands and types.

  1. Mini Resistance Bands

    I use and recommend Mini Bands. Resistance bands can be used for a variety of exercises and to strengthen all areas of your body. They are also easy to take with you anywhere!

  2. Resistance Bands

    These Resistance Bands are a brand I’ve heard good things about but not personally used. They can be purchased in different sets and bundles so you can mix and match to created varying resistance. Great for home workouts and again easy to take away with you!

  3. TRX

    A TRX Home Kit is great for doing a huge range of exercises using your body weight. Your core is required to stabilise when exercising with TRX, so you focus on core strength and balance.

  4. Skipping Rope

    According to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45 minute hard run! The basic Skipping Rope can be upgraded to pricier options which incorporate additional features and add-ons.

  5. Kettlebells

    Kettlebells come in varying sizes (and colours for those wanting to match with their home decor!). I would suggest a kettlebell you can hold and squat with, and one you could do dead lifts or Romanian Dead-lifts with. Don’t get anything too light as usually you can improvise with an object from around the home. An extra large water bottle can do wonders as you can change the weight plus you have to work harder to stabilise. If you want them the same size yet still different weights, you need Competition Kettlebells.

  6. Yoga Mat

    Although a Yoga Mat is not a necessity, it will add to your comfort when you are on the floor performing stretches or on your foam roller. It will also prevent you from sweating over and sticking to your floor, or carpet.

  7. Foam Roller

    This is an item that our gym members will all be familiar with! Foam rollers are used for pre and post self-massage to help soothe and break down tight, sore muscles. They also speed up muscle recovery. They can be purchased in soft, medium, and hard/grid style.


Emily Adams is a Core Results personal trainer.  She has a keen interest in nutrition and strength training and leads the nutrition sessions with Core Results.

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