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Fat loss not weight loss!

Ok, as you can tell from looking at the blog, here at Core Results, we are not regular bloggers. I guess we do have a valid excuse at the minute. If we are not busy getting our clients into great shape, we are deep into the planning and preparation of opening our 3000sq foot personal training and group personal training membership gym (details coming soon). Exciting times.


Anyway, my regular routine was interrupted today by an email from someone outlining a business opportunity. Always keen to see what the next big thing is going to be, I clicked on the link and watched the attached videos. I say watched, I managed about 30 seconds on each.


I take it, this was a multi level marketing opportunity ( I did not get far enough into the video to find out), which is one sure fire way to turn off the vast majority of Personal trainers. However, this was not the aspect of the business that was most concerning.


It was a 90 day health transformation platform. In principle, not a bad idea but it just goes downhill from here. You are told, all you need to do is “pick a goal” and then simply select the “Kit” that suits your goals. What’s is in the Kit? Meal replacement shakes! Now, this is a programme that is supposed to help people safely lose weight, get healthy and increase their energy levels, but all it does is put people on a calorie restricted processed food diet. The point in the video where I turned off was when the presenter said “ using our meal replacement shakes means you will save time and money because you do not have to do grocery shopping”. It turns out the supplements are Soy based, with Corn fibre and sweetened with sucralose.


A calorie restricted diet consisting of anti nutrient meal replacements are a great way to lose weight. What I think the average personal who wants to get in shape and be healthy should do, is aim to lose fat, not weight. The programme above will help you lose weight. You will cut calories and real nutrients, lose stored water and eventually start losing muscle mass. In 90 days, there will be some definite changes in your body shape and the scale, but these will be short lived. Come off the supplements and go back to eating your normal diet and all that weight will come straight back on with a little extra too.


So is this programme going to be the answer to our growing obesity epidemic? I think not, in fact I think it will add extra strain to our already straining health care system.


I am all for programmes that get people more active, but this must not be at the expense of their health and long-term success.


When it comes to exercise, certain exercise is better than other for fat loss, but initially you want people to be more active and do activities that they enjoy. You can really beat a well-structured and balanced resistance training programme and some metabolic conditioning, but even an extra 30mins of walking a day will yield results.

Now, I do suggest supplements to my clients, but that is exactly what they are, supplements. I make sure they eat a clean diet of whole organic foods, avoiding anything processed and cutting down on sugar. I provide them with all the information to not only follow the healthy eating principles, but to understand them and integrate them into a plan that will work for them long term.


When it comes to supplements, I suggest a good quality multi-vitamin, fish oils, vitamin d3 and sometimes magnesium. We also recommend post workout shakes, but not as a meal replacement, more as post workout recovery.


Unfortunately my advice is simple but effective and definitely not sexy. It can’t be licensed, trademarked, patented and sold in shiny little packets.