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Female Personal trainer in Chichester

At Core Results our personal trainers are a great bunch of people. We share vast experience and knowledge having worked with a wide range of clients over the years.

From weight loss to injury recovery and sports performance, we have dealt with it all and have experience with working with both male and female clients. We aim to help anyone we can, and within a wise age range 11 years to 80!

We are different to the other gyms and personal training companies in Chichester because when you work with Core Results, you don’t just work with one trainer, you work with the whole team. We all work from the same programme, but our members get the benefit of working with all of our team, who have different experience and teaching styles and this means they can continue to get the most out of their training time with us.

Something that was highlighted to me in a recent consultation with a new member was how she found us. Although searching for a solution on Google, she had not been able to find our site. And the reason? She was looking for a ‘female personal trainer’.

Now there are probably a lot of reasons why some women prefer training with a female personal trainer. Some of these may be misconceptions about what male and female trainers are better at. In my 18 years of being a trainer, I have not seen any situation where a trainer’s gender made a difference in their ability to do their job. Professionalism, education, experience and personality are important here not gender.

Even though we believe our team have all of the above qualities and can deal with all types of clients, we can’t ignore the fact that some women are just more comfortable working with other women. Personal training can be just that – very personal! Your trainer is going to be working in close proximity with you and may need to touch their clients to spot and improve technique. It is inevitable that some women are going to want to work a female trainer.

What that potential client also highlighted was the fact that we are not shouting from the rooftops that at Core Results, we have one of the best female trainers I have had the pleasure of working with.

Personal Trainer and Nutritional specialist Chichester, Emily Adams

Emily Adams is a valued member of the Core Results team. Firstly, Emily has seen first hand what consistency to exercise and healthy eating can do for ones health. She is dedicated to her training and makes sure that she not only stays in shape but is also very strong. She is a great role model to our members! She is also our nutritional specialist,  and is constantly keeping up to speed with the latest nutrition and training techniques.

One misconception about female trainers is that they can be a soft touch in sessions. I think all of our members will attest to the fact that with Emily, this is not true. She is definitely not a cheerleader style “ra-ra” trainer. She just quietly and firmly gets clients to work harder than they have before, moving them one step closer to achieving their training goals; be those weight loss or performance.

So if you are a lady that feels more comfortable with working with a female personal trainer, then get in contact and we can set you up to work with Chichester’s best female personal trainer. You can see her profile here: https://www.coreresults.co.uk/our-team/emily-adams


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