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Fit at 40 – Paul’s Story – Chichester Personal Trainer

Just under a month ago I had to reluctantly except that I had reached 40 years old, despite all my best efforts there was just no holding it back.

I have been training in gyms since my 16th birthday, but only entered the fitness industry at the age of 25. Although some clients may think I would have been an athlete at school, this was not the case. I enjoyed exercise and many sports but was very average at all of them. The only things I excelled at were music and drama, which is why I found teaching classes was my forte.

Over the years the one single attribute that has enabled me to get into and stay in shape has been discipline. Having no natural talent for exercise i had to train hard for several years to get the physique and fitness I desired. Since the age of 16 I have managed to stick to at least 4 days a week of training. The longest break being 6 weeks having caught glandular fever at 24 and being bed ridden. Other than that the longest time off was two weeks on holiday. So in 24 years I have probably had no more than a total of 3 months off. The one thing you will need to achieve your goals is discipline, without it you will fail. if you need to be accountable or guided in your training and nutrition, then that’s where we come in.

There is no quick fix, there is no magic diet, there is no easy way, there is only hard work and dedication. If you struggle with discipline then tell us to chase you and we will. We want you to succeed, not to just turn up and pay your subscription.

On my 40th birthday I weighed 70kg at 5’11 and 8% body fat, not Olympic standard but not bad for an old man! The full assessment even brought me out at predicted age of 24 years old.

This was a little underweight but I had been doing 14-16 hr days finishing the decoration etc at our new gym. Then Greg’s new baby turned up early so I had to cover all the clients and do the finishing on the facility!


One thing to remember is that getting in shape is hard but staying in shape surprisingly, is not as hard. I can maintain my weight, body fat and muscle mass with 5  1hr workouts a week, oh and of course a good clean balanced way of eating. At least 75% of your results will boil down to what you put into your mouth and how honest you are with yourself and us about it. When you get this right, along with exercise you will succeed.

I still enjoy a drink at the weekends, and treat myself to the best liquorice and Kettle crisps. Not all the time, but when I deserve them. 80/20 is how I live, eat and drink clean 80% of the time and allow 20% to be treat yourself time.

I hope that this gives some of you motivation to committing to make a difference to your life. Excuses are easy, there is always a reason why you can’t train and you couldn’t eat right. You are a long time dead so make your time here as good as you can, Eat well, train hard, feel better, look better.

What’s not to like!?

So hopefully we will see you soon then, to make a difference to your life.



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