Own your fitness in Chichester with Core Results Gym

Own your Fitness in Chichester with Core Results Gym

You now have the opportunity to own your fitness in Chichester. At Core Results gym we’ve just taken fitness up a notch by introducing MyZone.

MyZone is an accurate exercise tracker that allows you to get the maximum out of each exercise session. Everyone has different fitness zones that can change over time.  MyZone identifies these different zones and displays the related fitness information. This is visible via 5 different coloured tiles.

MyZone tracks your effort based on the intensity of your workout and rewards you with MyZone Effort Points (MEPs). This system turns fitness into a fun, rewarding experience, providing you the motivation to push just a little bit harder!

MyZone links to your mobile and third party apps and equipment. It will provide you constant fitness updates, even when you’re not at the gym. The system allows you to set goals; view status rankings; monitor your diet; enter group challenges; and link and engage on friend’s workouts.

By incorporating MyZone into our Chichester gym, we’re encouraging our members to take accountability for their fitness. By adding this extra motivator and allowing members to actually see and track their exercise efforts, we’re continuing to turn health and fitness on its head in Chichester!

Whether you a re a Core Results gym member or not, we welcome you down to the gym to take a closer look. View the Myzone Fitness Tracker video to find out more.

Core Results is an exclusive, private Chichester gym providing personal training programmes, gym access and superb classes. Learn more about our Chichester gym.


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