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Injury Rehabilitation with a Core Results Personal Trainer

With the recent proliferation in health consciousness, as well as being the start of a new year, more people have hit the gyms to get fit and maintain their health. Most of you who are regular Core Results gym-goers are already familiar with the fact that people who train with a personal trainer show more consistent and lasting results than others. That’s because our personal trainers know how to guide you, and which areas of the body to work on for best possible results.

Even when you are injured, we at Core Results will not allow you to back out of your physical training and exercise. It’s not that we don’t have any compassion or lack the element of care. It’s just that we know our way around injuries too.

Most injuries are accidental. They can happen anytime, but that does not mean you have to stop working out! We will help you rehabilitate from injury without having to quit on your regular workouts.

Here is how we manage injuries, and why you should consult us for injury rehab:

We are Well-Connected

We are connected and can recommended health professionals such as physical therapists, locally. This makes us well versed in dealing with injury rehabilitation. We can, and do approach medical professionals in our network when we design effective rehab plans for you. This is how we ensure that your exercise regime is robust and recuperative at the same time.

We Customise Training Programs

Your injury will obviously require amendments to your workout plans. You can leave the training programme detail to us. We know which muscles can withstand the designated pressure of your regime. If this includes an injured muscle or bone, we will amend your program for specific rehabilitation. Bad back, fractured arm, or torn ligaments – we know just what exercises to add or amend from your routine, for quicker recovery.

We guide on Form & Technique

When it comes to injury rehab, the types of exercises aren’t as important as the technique and form with which they should be performed. One wrong stretch or pull can lead to further pain or injuries in the already injured part of your body. Under our supervision, we will ensure that you apply the right technique and positioning required for your rehabilitative exercises to speed up the recovery process. You will also always have us around to point out where you may not be executing an exercise correctly.

We get you into a Routine

We will develop a comprehensive routine for you. This will also include diet modifications required for speedy recovery in addition to the exercises. With us around, you will always know what to do and how to do it correctly. There is no ambiguity in the goals set for you – you can stay fit while recovering from your injury. Our routines will see that you achieve your targets within a specified time, and shorten your recovery period.

We will ensure that you stay fit and active even when you’re injured. So, book in for a free consultation with us today, and come in to discuss how we can assist you


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