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Karen & Tony’s Story

Both Karen & Tony are a pleasure to train. Always friendly and smiling they’re both committed to improving their strength, stability & overall fitness, especially so they can keep up the regular cycling!

Tony has made excellent progress in his strength since training with us. He’s extremely focused and works hard through his workouts, plus he’s often keen for a finisher – and will still be smiling at the end! Getting into the gym twice a week, unless he’s away, he shows that consistency really does pay off. Karen is very consistent with her training too. Once she sets her mind to something she gets it done, which has certainly paid off with regards to her rehab. She knows her own limits, but is not afraid to push herself hard in and out of the gym!

We’re glad you’ve made such a great comeback after your bike accident Karen, and we love having both you and Tony on the Core Results team! 

Karen said:

“I’ve been a member at Core Results for about 6 years. I joined as I felt I was moving less and was concerned that the years were creeping up on me; I had problems with my knees and a busy work life had got in the way of exercise. Core certainly got me moving and over the 6 years the training has been consistently great.

For me, training at Core isn’t about achieving a beach body, it’s about feeling strong, being able to live my life well and looking after my health and general well-being. All the trainers at Core get this which I haven’t always found in other gyms. I’m well into my middle age so all of these things are important, particularly building muscle which gets harder as you get older and can massively contribute to good health in older age. This isn’t about being Mrs Universe – the myths about weights and muscle are out there – but it’s about being able to lift shopping in and out of the car and doing other physical activities relatively easily – just living life! The training at Core has also made it possible for me to rekindle my love of cycling, the programmes have built up my stability and strength in my legs but also importantly in my core. Going to the gym is a really helpful addition to my cycling training.

In the past two years I have had a couple of major health events that has interrupted my training. In 2017 I had a bad cycle accident that took me out for a while. It was the PT’s at Core who worked with me to gradually get my strength back by trying out different ways of exercising that didn’t irritate my injuries. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have made the progress I did if it hadn’t been for the expertise that the PT’s invested in me and the support they gave in helping me to rehab.

I had just about recovered when I started ‘prehab’, leading up to a partial knee replacement that I had in January 2018. The physio who treated me afterwards felt that the ‘prehab’ made a fantastic foundation for my recovery and I was more than a few weeks ahead of what might have been expected had I not done the work leading up to my op. I am back cycling and am very proud to have completed the Maratona route in July, only 6 months after my surgery (ok – it was the short route, but it’s 35 miles of 5,500 ft climbing made up of 4 alpine climbs!). Core worked with my physio to support my rehab after the surgery, and this combined with the ongoing training at the gym helped me achieve this.

I still have a dodgy (unoperated knee) that will need a knee replacement – I have to be careful about what I do, so the PT’s at Core work within my limitations making sure that I don’t stagnate but still get the most from my training. I am looking forward to 2019, fingers crossed no injuries or surgery, but I know that the gym will work with me no matter how I am.”

Tony said:

“I have been a member of Core Results for about 2 and a half years. Karen suggested I move to Core from my previous gym, and I have never regretted making the switch. It is a great place to train. The PTs are all friendly and professional, and there is a good atmosphere in the gym and among the members which makes the sessions enjoyable.

I particularly like the structured training approach and the use of personal training plans. As a keen cyclist the training at Core compliments my on-bike training perfectly. The Team tailored my training plan to help me prepare for the Maratona sportive middle route in the Dolomites earlier this summer and I was able to do the event in a much improved time over the previous year. I believe the Core training approach has also helped me avoid some of the common cycling related aches and pains through increased functional and core strength.

As one of the more mature (ok – older!) members at Core, I am convinced of the benefits of weight based strength training for we older folk. It definitely does not have to be body building, as those of you who know me will be able to confirm! Looking forward to training in 2019.”


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