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28 Days of Learning to Love the Gym

I like to take time to get to know our members at Core Results Chichester. Those that know me (Greg) know I love a good chin wag. This is why I enjoy the initial strategy session with members so much. I get to have a good chat with our potential new members and we really get to dig into the “why” and “what” they want out of their health and fitness journey. One of our major goals at Core Results is to get members to love the gym.

Many people tend to have similar needs, but every now and then we get a really interesting goal to work towards (someone having to lose 7kg in a month to do an accelerated free fall course springs to mind)

What I do find interesting is finding out the answers to the “why now” and “why us” questions.

There is one point of concern that has become quite common in recent times. The amount of people that come in and tell me that they are intimidated by their local high street gym. People also talk of their experience of being made to feel unwelcome or not part of the “gym gang”

Now joining a gym is a massive step for most people. The chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are either a member of Core Results Chichester or have an interest in fitness. You probably love the gym, feel comfortable walking into any gym and would be able to have a good workout. This is however not the case for most gym newbies. Just signing up for the gym can be a scary thought for many people. Braving the gym full of lycra clad gym bunnies and vest wearing gym “Bros” is terrifying. In addition, with an increase in “fat shaming” on social media the fear is just intensifying.

In my 20 years of working in this industry, I have always just assumed that the gym would be a place that welcomes and supports people new to exercise. This should be a given, but clearly it is not. Maybe this is why we get so many people coming to see us at Core Results Chichester. People know we are an inclusive and supportive gym. People know that we provide an environment that allows newbies to succeed in the journey to a lifetime of health and fitness.

It is with this in mind that we have put together our 28 Day Challenge.

This is the perfect programme to guide anybody into a new health and fitness path. Research shows that that people love working out in groups. More people succeed when they have the support of others, and best results come from those who “share a trainer”. Our 28 Day Challenge provides all the benefits of group exercise with a tailored programme. It is designed to help beginners learn the techniques of safe and effective exercise, whilst still achieving great results.

So, if you want to get on point with your nutrition whilst learning the skills you need to eat well for life, learn safe and effective exercise technique, all under the watchful eye of qualified coaches and the support of your fellow exercisers, then get in contact to find out if there is a space on the next course. Register now for our next 28 Day Challenge 


A true professional, Greg has a passion for fitness and training, specialising in rehabilitation and correctional fitness. Greg’s experience in competitive sports and training elite junior athletes led him in a natural progression to a career as a leading professional in the health and fitness industry. Find out more about Greg on his profile 


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