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The Benefits of Meal Planning and Prepping

You may have heard of it, but are you aware of the many reasons and importance of meal planning and prepping? It really does have a significant impact for those wanting to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthier lifestyle. While all meals require planning, the prepping depends on your personal goals, taste preference, time schedule and culinary skills.

The Benefits of Meal Planning and Prepping

Saves Money: When you go into a shop you will know exactly what you are there to purchase and therefore won’t be tempted to pick up any extra unnecessary items along the way. If you are bulk planning you can also save money by buying products in greater volume which should be cheaper. You can search for items on your list which are on special or on offer. You will be less tempted to pick up additional junk food indulgences as you make your way around the shop, and less tempted to order an unhealthy take-out.

Saves Time: As your meals are already prepared the only time spent will be on heating up your pre-prepared meal and potentially adding a few fresh ingredients to accompany it.

Aids in Achieving Weight Loss: When you do your own meal planning and prepping you can avoid the ingredients that hamper your weight loss. You know what ingredients and how much of them are in your meals.  Your meals will be correctly size portioned allowing you to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Reduces Stress: You are in control of what you are putting into your body and how much of it. As your meals are planned and pre-prepared, it will be easier to maintain focus and stay away from unhealthy junk foods, or high calorie easy meals.

How to Go About Meal Planning

The key – planning ahead. Identify and list the foods that you enjoy before you put together your plan.

Use a meal plan to jot down your shopping list, recipes and your meal schedule for the week. Download our Core Results meal planner here.

Make sure that the recipes and meals you choose are nutritious, aligned to your weight loss plan and balanced. If you are working with Emily at Core Results Chichester who manages our Nutritional Consultation, she will assist you with your meal planning and offer expert advice and guidance on what is best for you and your goals.

Once you have planned your meals, prepare your grocery shopping list and allocate days to cooking before you start meal prepping. Search for discounts or offers on products that you have planned into your weekly meal plan.

How to Go About Meal Prepping

Once you have planned your meals and bought your ingredients, the next step is to start meal prepping. What we suggest is spending one day at the beginning of the week (maybe Sunday afternoon?) doing all your meal prepping for the following week:

  1. Start prepping those meals that take the longest to cook. Generally, proteins and whole grains take the most time
  2. Do not compromise on healthy snacks. Prepare snacks that you enjoy such as fruit salads, boiled eggs, raw vegetables, home-made protein bars ….. the list of delicious, nutritious snacks is endless
  3. Multi task while prepping meals. As you will be doing your meal prep in bulk, try to use your time efficiently
  4. Make sure to label and date your prepped meals to avoid rotting and contamination
  5. Portion your meals according to what you should be consuming to achieve your personal goals


Emily Adams is a Core Results personal trainer.  She has a keen interest in nutrition and strength training and leads the nutrition sessions with Core Results.

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