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One Size Does Not Fit All in Fitness and Weight Loss

Social media is a wonderful thing, and I for one am an avid user of it. There are streams and streams of information regarding health and fitness, from the best way to cut an avocado to the easiest muscle mass building techniques. Whenever I have a health and fitness related query or want to try something new, I turn to social media.

However, therein lies the problem. There is no doubt that Joe Wicks, Jamie Oliver, Rob Riches and the likes have worked wonders in terms of getting the nation moving and eating well. If you are an avid fan of social media too then you will know it is hard to get away from other people’s fitness levels, body types and abilities. There is a constant stream of morning, afternoon and evening workouts, including the ones in-between, as well as what is or is not being consumed to look a certain way. The ‘selfie’ documents every new curve, inches lost and gained. But fear not, along with all these streaming photos and information there are ‘miracle’ training schedules and food plans for you to look this good, some expecting very little effort of you too.

But, before you start eating the latest fad diet and buying specific gym equipment to get your summer body ready, we want you to consider one thing: YOU and ONLY YOU! There are hundreds of diets and work out routines but you must remember one size does not fit all in fitness and weight loss. Every single workout and diet needs to be specific to you. You are number one, unique and what works for someone else may not work as well for you. You can however do the same exercise regime as someone else and it may actually work well for you, but it is still dependent on everything else you do around the exercise. Your response to exercise doesn’t just depend on what workout you follow but how well your genes respond to it, as well as other factors related to your individual lifestyle, habits, family commitments, workload and immediate environment. In fact, you could follow a makeover training plan and find it makes no difference to your fitness whatsoever.

Social media

There are endless exercise and nutrition regimes out there, they all pay specific interest to the latest ground-breaking research and claim to break the mould with a new view of health. Unfortunately, if you are looking for weight loss, to improve your general fitness or to gain muscle then the majority of exercise methods are prone to the same fate. For example, we are led to believe via social media and advertising that we are currently entering into the ‘Crossfit era’ as this dominant industry holds the power to your new fitness goals. However, if you ‘swipe right’, whatever that means, just as quickly you will see another post stating that you will not be able to reach your targets without a ‘kettlebell’ in one hand and ‘turmeric capsules’ in the other. There are slogans such as ‘no pain and no gain’ and ‘be the hardest worker in the room’ filling out social media feeds but just as often other posts claim that you don’t need to work out for longer than 20 minutes to reach your goals, which immediately sounds more appealing.

So, with so much conflicting information, it seems as if we are in the middle of not just a raging debate but dangerously at the mercy of social media, advertising and marketing campaigns, where on earth do we start?!

Look After Number One

As we mentioned if you are looking to hit your fitness goals, lose weight, get a summer body whatever it may be then you must think of number one. Whether you’re male or female, tall, short, skinny, obese it doesn’t matter; every single thing you eat or exercise you perform must be goal specific and more importantly, person specific. For example, if you are looking to gain muscle then performing Joe Wick’s HIIT session 4 times a week is just not going to cut it.

So what now?

To come to the point of this article and answer the question above, the best option is goal centred individual guidance. Therefore a personal trainer and personal nutritional expert is the best way to reach your personal and specific goals.

At Core Results Gym we provide you with an exercise plan and diet plan that is tailored to you and your needs. Just because you can relate to or enjoy someone else’s blog or social media account doesn’t necessarily mean their results will work for you. You could be a different size, shape, sex, have a different metabolic rate etc! You may have food allergies, intolerances or have different responses to different fo0d groups. There are endless combinations and reasons for why you are unique. You are the most important person in the room. At Core Results we are known for achieving results, which is because we treat you as an individual, not just a mass-produced blog reader.

The temptation is to follow someone online, or look up a diet from someone who is ‘similar’ to you. At least the same gender, roughly the same height, have similar interests and so forth. However the danger is that you cannot possibly know enough about them. You have no idea about their genetic makeup, the marketing team around them and what they are selling behind all of this “up to date” information. If you want to hit specific goals, or even don’t know what your goals are at this point then you need to go back to basics.

Let us at Core Results Gym help you identify a destination and a goal as well as tailor a direct route for you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals!


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