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Pay for your christmas Indulgence in advance – Chichester Personal Trainer

The average Britton gains almost 5lbs in weight over the christmas period. This statistic alone is not so scary, what is is the fact that most people never lose this weight afterwards.

Health Clubs are typically packed in January with people trying to lose their christmas “fat coat”, often with very little success, normally due to lack of support and lack of an effective programme. So why not do things differently this festive season. Get your nutrition and training dialled in in advance and pay for Christmas in advance.

There are 7 weeks until Christmas, so taking one week off for your mandatory work Christmas party, that leaves 6 weeks to kickstart your weight loss plan and be in great shape for Christmas. This means you can indulge over the Christmas period without feeling guilty about putting on a few pounds.

One of our most recent clients, Andrew, came in and really took our advice to heart. He followed his nutrition programme to the letter and came in and trained with one of the Core Team at least twice a week and made use of the gym on his own once a week. After 4 weeks, not only was he looking and feeling better, he had dropped an incredible 15 lbs.

Imagine what you could do with a well designed and structured exercise and nutrition programme over the next 6 weeks. You could be starting the New Year, 5 lbs lighter than you are now, even with an indulgent Christmas.

So stop imagining and give us a call. Our team are dedicated to getting you the results you want.