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Peter has lost 50kg!

The Journey to Losing 50kg

This last week, Peter was doing his usual check-in when he saw that he had officially reached his original goal – to lose 50kg!

We couldn’t have him reach this milestone and not have him be our member of the week could we? This is a huge achievement and we are all very proud and pleased for his incredible progress.

If you’d like to read about his journey to lose the first 25kg, then you can click here:


1st November 2017 – Start

How do you lose 50kg?

With a huge amount of discipline, hard work and a great support network. To recap, Peter joined Core Results at the end of October 2017 and we got started on his nutrition on November 1st. The goal? To lose 50kg by December 2018 and to learn to adopt a consistent eating pattern that is sustainable and manageable long term.

Peter used a calorie tracking approach which worked well for him and helped him better understand the calorie content of different foods. He would check-in with me (Emily) once a week with ‘the numbers’, as well as general feedback in response to various questions I asked. He started dropping weight very rapidly in the first few weeks (actually not eating enough), and by almost mid January 2018 he’d lost 10.3kg after quickly adjusting to hitting his calorie target.

We then eventually decreased his calorie target after this to help keep the pace up with a slightly more intentional ‘aggressive’ approach, and this worked well for Peter, because by mid April 2018 he was down a total of 20.1kg (above).

Targets stayed as they were right through until the end of July when he reached the 30.1kg loss. It was in the lead up to this that he had the first week where we had a registered ‘increase on the scales’ – while it is completely normal for most people to fluctuate when dieting, this hadn’t happened yet for Peter which although to him felt like a bit of a ‘fail’, it was actually very good for him to experience. Weight fluctuates daily, and it just so happens that we picked up on one of those fluctuations on check-in day! What did we do? Nothing. Continued as normal.

31st October 2018 – 36.5kg lost







December 2018

Calories stayed pretty much the same continuing forwards and by early December, Peter had lost 40.7kg! No it wasn’t the 50kg he’d aimed for by this point, but during the months leading up to this he accepted that the actual end date was becoming less important, because he was still going to keep moving forwards regardless.

It wasn’t until around mid January where Peter experienced his second (recorded) fluctuation on the scales. But once again, this is completely normal, just not ‘normal’ for Peter at the time. After this point we actually increased calories! Why? His energy was suffering, his workouts were slowing and things were just feeling not so fun anymore. We only bumped up his target by 200kcals, but we knew he’d likely still be in a deficit, just at the higher end of one. Small fluctuations started to become more normal for him, but by the last week of February Peter had lost 44.9kg.


The biggest change isn’t always physical

We won’t go into details, but after talking with Peter we made the decision to remove the scales from his house. The solution was for him to instead weigh himself on a Saturday morning before his gym session, but the difference now would be that he’d be weighing in his clothes, and he’d stick to only once a week.

A few weeks later, Peter was heading off to Bali. Although not his first trip away while dieting, this was a big deal – in a nutshell he was instructed to relax, enjoy himself, and not track – essentially it was a very short diet break. Challenge accepted. While it was an excellent trip, Peter unfortunately became unwell at the end of it so the first few weeks back were a bit of a challenge. Appetite was next to non-existent, sleep was off, which all meant energy was extremely low, which then affected training and all of this hugely affected Peter’s mood. We’d hit the first major hurdle – when life throws crap at you that you can’t control which can make you feel like you no longer have the control. Except you do, it’s just not the way you want it to be.

As awful as this all felt for Peter, I kept saying to him that this was likely a blessing in disguise, albeit not a very nice one. It was no longer smooth sailing and we needed to show him this was normal and he could manage it. When weight is coming off so rapidly, everything seems fine and dandy. You may have the odd week that isn’t great, but overall progress is being made and all is well.

Losing fat is an adjustment for most people, but losing large amounts of body fat can take a much larger toll on your mind than some may expect or be prepared for. Your body is changing rapidly before your eyes and while all the changes seem physical, a hell of a lot more is changing in your head. No one can prepare you for how you’re going to feel, and you’re literally changing your life! We realised that this ‘post holiday stumbling block’ highlighted just how much Peter had yet to come to terms with, and he still had a lot of work to do. We helped him as best we could and suggested further support if needed, and gradually things started to get a little better for him…

9thJune 2019

Peter weighed himself in the gym, with clothes on and quietly told us that ‘he had done it’. He’d lost 50kg. Well… 50.4kg!

We were (and still are) all thrilled!

Was the last 10kg a little slower? Yes. But he was on higher calories compared to the beginning, for the most part weighed himself in his clothes (so technically will have lost a fraction more), had a holiday, had an illness and also had the biggest challenge of the entire journey… Changing his mindset! We think 10kg in 6 months is excellent – it’s still almost 1lb a week, and having already lost 40kg, this was brilliant!

9th June 2019 – 50.4kg lost




Now here are all the numbers that you may or may not be after:

From November 1st2017 to June 9th2019, Peter has lost…

  • 4kg / 111lbs / 7st 13lbs, which equates to 0.6kg / 1.32lbs per week!
  • A total of 124cm! This includes 26cm off his hips and 39cm off his waist.


What next?

Peter would like to continue for a little while now he’s on a bit of a roll again, and then we are definitely going to push calories back up to maintenance and try gradually to step away from the tracking for a while. It’s going to be a challenge for him to accept that he CAN maintain his weight loss, which again is a transition that is often overlooked, but we know that he can do it and has everyone at Core Results continuing to support him!

We would like to thank Peter for choosing Core Results to help him with his fat loss journey, we have loved being a part of it!

Peter & Eva trained together & it transpired that Eva weighs 51kg!

Two 25kg Plates

50kg BB total!

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C says June 16, 2019

No one could lose weight this fast from being so overweight without at least having some form of surgery FACT! You can tell he has from his face so why not admit it in the post. All sorts of autoimmune issues can be caused by these kinds of surgeries and fast weight loss FACT!

    Greg Smith says June 17, 2019

    Hi C,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on Peter’s progress. We are very proud of what he has achieved. Comments like yours make us even happier as it means what Peter has achieved is “unbelievable”, however, it is believable and very achievable.

    From reading your comment, I am not quiet sure you understand what the word “fact” means. Just typing FACT in capitals does not make what you wrote any more true. So here are a couple of requests for you:

    1. Please provide us with one peer reviewed and reliable study that shows that losing 0.64kg per week over 18 months in impossible. Just one please, but if you can find more than one, I will be happy to see them too…. you won’t find any, but please do try.

    2. Please google rates of weight loss. The first response says ” But evidence shows that people who lose weight gradually and steadily (about 1 to 2 pounds per week) are more successful at keeping weight off.” So what Peter has achieved is by all accounts steady and gradual. Not extraordinary or unusual.

    3. Please get in contact to organise for you to come down to the gym and meet Peter. You can check him out for those pesky surgery scars (again you won’t find any).

    What you will find out is that Peter just steadfastly stuck to the plan. He was consistent day in and day out and his hard work has paid dividends. No secrets or magic pills or surgery, just doing exactly what he has been told will get him to his goals.

    BTW, another example on our website has had similar levels of weight loss over extended periods. 25kg’s in 12 months do just under 0.5kg’s a week. Why is her journey believable and not Peter’s?

    I look forward to your soonest response, especially to those studies that show that Peter’s weight loss is impossible.

    Kind regards


      C says June 20, 2019

      I do know what a fact is, something that is known to be true. So because I know it, this makes it fact.

      You’re missing my point regarding surgery, holistic approaches would not cause scars, hypno surgery the same so lack of scars are no less proof, so showing skin and saying this is proof is moot in your argument. Someone that far gone must have had something, whether it’s what people seem to call “convention surgery” or alternative approaches. I’d just like yourselves and Peter to be honest with the world so it can help others with knowing how to become less of a burden on society and more productive, therefore better with their inner selves.

      I believe you’re just going to try and throw this back at me so lets just agree to disagree and leave it there.

        Greg Smith says June 24, 2019


        I am now 100% sure you have no clue. You don’t understand what a fact is and you are commenting on something you know nothing about.

        What I can take from this is that you are 100% a troll and keyboard warrior, so I am going to use the approach of not feeding the trolls any more.

        Good day and good luck to you because I think you may just need it in future.

Peter says June 23, 2019

Hi C,

I was going to keep quiet and let this slide however since your second reply I feel it’s important to weigh in on the situation.
Now facts in the English language definition are proved by science, by empirical evidence (Empirical meaning “based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic”). What you have done is taken faith and defined it as true, so really you should have said, “It is by my belief” rather than “FACT”. Then we can see you are either misguided or uneducated.

There are many studies that have proven people can lose weight just by pure calorie deficit, in addition to studies where exercise has been added and yes studies where bariatric surgery has been done to help limit someone’s calorie intake.

Based upon your reply I can’t tell if you think it’s somehow impossible to eat less than the body needs to maintain its fat levels and or it’s shameful to have this help. I’ll get on to that subject in a moment but to be completely clear, with my weight loss I made a very difficult and personal decision to lose the weight, had excellent advice and support from Emily on the nutrition front, awesome training and support on the exercise front from all 4 of the core team (Emily, Paul, Greg and Matt), kept in a calorie deficit, I’ve blead, there’s been a lot of sweat and some tears, and the weight came off, at no point did I have any form of surgery or any “alternative” means to help with weight loss. I have nothing to prove otherwise let alone to you, the only people I need to prove myself to are the people who I asked for help and myself, so I kindly ask that you keep your opinions to yourself.

Right onto the subject of if someone needs help or asks for help losing weight. If they do then that’s a huge step, it takes a lot of strength to do this and I’m proud of anyone who does it, hell I’m proud of anyone who trying as well. How someone loses weight, whether it’s from surgery, different diet styles, pure exercise, having therapy is up to them, none are more right or wrong, all of them have their pros, cos and are highly subjective to the individual. Your last comments “Someone that far gone” and “become less of a burden on society” are completely counter productive and wont help someone, it will do the opposite or maybe this is what you want. You either seem to have a complete lack of faith in anyone’s ability to do something of their own sheer determination or maybe you just get off on trying to put people down and diminish someone’s achievements.

Hugs and Kisses

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