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Peter’s Weight Loss Journey… So far!

First steps of weight loss…

Peter came to us at the very end of October 2017, and got stuck straight into the training and nutrition. But this wasn’t his first attempt. He’d come to us twice in the past to join but backed out from nerves. This is very common and normal, so read on to see Peter’s thoughts on the process.

The first recorded weight I had from him was on 1stNovember 2017. Up until this point he’d already lost some weight on his own due to drastically changing his food choices; so he was on much lower calories than I initially thought. He was keen to start using My Fitness Pal, and was given a starting point of around 2,300 calories. In the first month he went on to lose just over 6kg, which is incredible!






Above: November 2017

He had a big goal to reach by December 2018, and this was to lose 50kg. I say ‘had’ not ‘has’ because as with many long-term goals, these can change. He has realised since then that having such a specific number in mind may not be realistic for him. He is still sticking to and trusting the process but has already started to relax about the ‘final number’.

Happy New Year!

Just over two months down and we were into January 2018 with 10.3kg lost. Peter liked an all-or-nothing approach day to day because he didn’t trust himself to have any ‘treats’ in the house, through worry of going overboard. This is what works very well for some people, but not everyone. It is good practice to learn to say no to certain things (normally processed foods that are also very high calorie per volume); but this can take a lot of time to get used to.

Because of this, he was struggling to hit target, so we made our first calorie drop here. He needed a mental boost. So calories dropped to just over 2,000kcals and then again three weeks later down to 1,900kcals. This drop was at the beginning of February and no more changes have been made since!






Above: April 2018

Peter is exceptional with checking in with Emily, he no longer struggles with hitting targets and doesn’t feel too hungry or have any major cravings. He’s had a few days here and there ‘off his diet’ and training when being away, but otherwise he rarely ever misses a workout. He’s always friendly and smiling and never complains. He also suffers quite badly with some joint issues; yet still manages to make everything look a breeze as we work around them. It’s easy to say all this, but the proof is in his progress to date.

The results so far:

After the first 3 months, which was at the point of his final drop in calories, Peter had lost 13.1kg. By the time he was 5 months in he was down by 19.4kg. And now, in June 2018, we’re 7.5 months in and he’s lost an incredible 25.9kg (57lbs)! His measurements for his waist, hips, chest and thighs have also gone down by a total of 59.5cm! 18.5cm of this is from his waist alone! That’s 0.8kg (1.77lbs) and 1.86cm loss per week, which is fantastic!






Above: June 2018

The Core Results team, including many of our members, are all very impressed and proud of how far he’s come.  We are all looking forward to what the next few months brings!


Here’s what Peter had to say about his time with us so far:

“I’m really glad I found Core Results. My fear going into this was that it would be the same as many other places I’ve tried, which I suppose are just the run of the mill gyms. Everyone’s positive and really helpful. I’ve not once felt like I don’t belong or feel unwelcome. It’s something I look forward to, really enjoy and can see progression as time goes on.

When something’s not working for me, such as not being able to do a certain movement, the team simply find what does work. Whether it’s approaching the movement in a different way, coming up with a different explanation so it works in my mind, or just switching it up to a different exercise. And of course, it’s always nice to hear advice being bellowed across the room – they’re always keeping an eye out for you!

Emily has been a massive asset to my current weight loss. Not just with the check-ins and diet advice, but also by helping me get in to the right mental attitude and help build my confidence.”

Congratulations Peter on all your hard work so far!


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