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Celebrate your Success by Setting Fitness Goals

It’s November (again!) and that time where we find ourselves reflecting upon the year gone by, and looking forward to a new year full of opportunities. We evaluate our achievements over the year and establish new goals to set our mind to. Your fitness should be no different to other aspects of your life.

If your aim is to achieve changes through exercise and diet, then you should be setting clear and measurable goals.

Why Set Fitness Goals

Measurable fitness goals will firstly get you thinking about exactly what the changes are that you want to achieve. They will allow you to see if the effort you are putting in is working and if your body is responding. Goals will also help motivate you through any fitness or weight loss plateaus that you may experience.

Follow this process to set and smash your goals:

Establish Your Fitness Goals

Your fitness goals must be realistic and therefore achievable, otherwise there is no point in setting them. Goals that can’t be achieved will only demotivate you and eventually cause you to give up on them altogether.

Establish what it is you want to achieve and be very specific. If you want to lose weight, how much do you want to lose and in what period of time? Do you want to go down in clothing size? If so, how much and in what period of time? Do you want to build muscle? ……. remember to be realistic!

Write Your Fitness Goals Down

Inking your goals in black and white is important. When we write our goals down we solidify them and embed them in our mind. By writing them down you can always refer back to them and this will help you keep on track. Looking at your fitness goals on paper will also help you stay motivated and keep you pushing on.

Make note of all starting measurements before you set off on your journey of change so that you can see the changes as they happen.

Get Professional Guidance

If you don’t know where to start with setting fitness goals, enlist the help of a professional. A personal trainer will help guide you as to what realistic goals are, what is achievable, and then help you devise an exercise plan in order to achieve these goals. A personal trainer will also help you get and stay motivated along your fitness journey. Additionally a personal trainer can advise you on diet and nutrition too.

Stay Focused

A considered, established and documented goal will help keep you focused and motivated, as you know exactly what you are aiming for. As you move closer to achieving your goal you will find that you naturally become more motivated. Your personal trainer will also encourage you to stay on track!

Measure Your Progress

There is no better feeling than watching your body change with the hard work you are putting in! Again, document all changes on your goal plan. On the days where you are feeling less motivated, review your progress to refocus yourself.

Review Goals

As you achieve goals, review and set the next ones. Again a personal trainer will be able to help you identify areas for improvement and advise as to what they feel is realistically achievable. They will also now know how hard they can push you!

Celebrate Your Achievements

Make sure you celebrate your achievements!! You could even set yourself a reward for each goal achieved!


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