Wanted: 12 Chichester Ladies Ready To Transform From Unfit, Stressed & Exhausted to Healthier and Fitter With Total Body Confidence

Our Total Body Confidence Program is perfect for ladies in Chichester ready to look and feel the way they used to and want the self confidence to lead a happier, healthier life. Click below for more info on how to get started

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why Start Your body transformation Journey with us?

Over 100+ Successful Body Transformations and Still Counting

Friendly and Supportive

You'll become part of a fun, non judgemental, friendly and super supportive fitness community.

Others Just Like You

Exercise with others just like you in an inclusive environment with zero egos and zero intimidating men throwing weights around.

Nutrition Guidance and Support

Guidance and support at every step of your health and fitness journey by our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly fitness experts.

What's Included in Your 28 Day Trial

  • Up to 3 personal training sessions with one of our fitness coached designed to help you start motivated while boosting your fitness levels and burning extra calories.
  • Take the guesswork of knowing what to eat with our 28 day "no diet" nutrition plan, designed to boost your metabolism, while keeping you full and keeping the cravings at bay.
  • Become part of our supportive and friendly club for the next 28 days and we'll show you how you can start your transformation journey and have fun at the same time in a supportive environment.

Here's What You Can Expect From Our Total Body Confidence Transformation Program

  • Transforming Busy Chichester Ladies From Stressed, Exhausted and Overweight to Healthy and in Control of How They Look and Feel
  • Boost your self confidence AND Body Confidence you can lead a healthy happy life on YOUR terms.
  • Boost energy and fitness levels with our exclusive fully coach led sessions at our private fitness studio.

Meet Your Core Results Team

Health and FItness Coach

Emily Adams

Emily has a keen interest in nutrition and strength training and leads the nutrition coaching sessions with Core Results.

Co Owner and Coach

Paul Butler

Paul has brilliant relationships with all his clients, most of whom have trained with him for 4 years or more, some have even trained with him for 10 years.

Health and FItness Coach

Matt Pritchard

Matt's superpower is helping keep people injury free while achieving their health and fitness goals goals using Core Results methods and techniques.

What Ladies in Chichester Are Saying About Core Results

Leah Lost 16lbs, 20cm and Feels Great

"I lost just under 1lb a week for 16 weeks and a total of 20cm off my measurements while continuing to feel great and without having to miss out on social events. I didn't realise losing weight could be this enjoyable and best of all my clothes fit better"

Leah Aged 55


"Fitter, Stronger, Empowered and Lost 24lbs"

“6 months after joining Core Results gym I am more than 11kg (24lbs) lighter with which I am thrilled! I won’t tell you it’s been easy, but it has been easier than I anticipated. The trainers at Core Results have been the best support in this journey to being fitter, stronger and more empowered than ever. I absolutely could not have done it without them! For the first time in years my health, fitness and aesthetic goals finally feel achievable. This is absolutely priceless.”

Rachel Burt - Aged 40



Ready To Get Started on Your Body Transformation Journey

Places are strictly limited and time is limited so you can click on the link below find out more info on how to get started and not miss out on this unique opportunity.

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