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Wedding Day Weight Loss in Chichester

One of the most memorable days in your life is your wedding day, where all eyes will be on you. There will no doubt be a camera focused on you most of the time.

For this reason, many brides and grooms ensure that they put in a good few months of dieting and exercising to focus on wedding day weight loss. Ensuring that they look and feel good by the time their big day arrives.

Nikki Hutt contacted Core Results towards the end of January this year. She is getting married next week. And wanted to look good for her big day, achieving some wedding day weight loss and firming up specific areas of her body.


Nikki has been one of our Core Results Chichester success stories.

In a short space of time, with personal training in our Chichester private gym, 2-3 times a week. Nikki did so well in achieving her wedding day weight loss and improving her body shape. She had so much improvement, her wedding dress needed to be taken in!

What a great problem to have we hear you cry! In less than 3 months Nikki went from 11 stone to 10 stone, with 2 inches lost from her hips. A significant weight loss and toning achievement for her wedding day!

This is proof that following a nutrition guide and stick to your gym exercise sessions, you will achieve your goals. It’s not rocket science, just commitment and discipline will get you there.

Have you set a date for your big day? Come and talk to us about how we can help you prepare and look your best by designing an exercise programme tailored to you.


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