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Weight loss in Chichester with Core Results

At Core Results, we are not Calorie counters. From our years of experience with working with normal people, it is unlikely that people have the time, inclination or skill to weigh their food and count the calories that they eat. It has been shown time and again that people under report by about 40% even when they write down what they eat directly after a meal. This means that the information we get its not going to be very accurate and basing our nutrition advice around this may be pointless.

But, does it have a place in a healthy eating plan? We would have to say yes. It can definitely be used as an educational tool for clients and can help highlight the limitations of just getting clients to just eat (dare I say it) “Clean”. I would say we prefer the term – Just eat real food or “JERF”

So Congratulations are in order to one of our clients, Reg Gyening. He has helped us see the value of a little bit of calorie counting.

Like many of our clients he struggled to make the changes in his nutrition effective in the first few months. What Reg has found to be the golden tool in his toolbox is My Fitness Pal on his iPhone.

We struggled to understand why he wasn’t losing weight more quickly when he seemed to be sticking to the nutrition guide & training well.On month 1 & 2 progress was slow, month 3 was better but Christmas was month 4 & we all know how that goes!

In January Reg downloaded the app and had a nasty shock when he discovered the actual calories he was taking in, opposed to what he thought he was consuming.

Instead of around 2500 calories a day he was taking in more like 4000, no wonder progress was slow!

What we have found is that people under estimate the amount of calories they consume. Although calorie counting isn’t the definitive answer to weight loss, it plays a large part.

The upshot of Reg understanding how much he was consuming each day means he has now lost 11/2 stone since Christmas.This is how quickly the weight can be lost when your nutrition & exercise is right.

Reg joined us weighing 26 stone 2 & now weights 24″2 & is disappearing fast!

Well done Reg.


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