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PAUL BUTLER (Owner, Personal Trainer)


(Owner, Personal Trainer)

Paul is not your stereotypical personal trainer, he didn’t enter into the fitness industry until the age of 25. At school he played and enjoyed most sports but didn’t excel at any of them, cycling was the sport he spent most of his spare time enjoying, BMX mountain and racing bikes.

However he did excel at music and drama, and this helped him to become one of the best and most respected class instructors’ in the area.

Paul started work in the print industry straight from school aged 16, and it was the ribbing he got there for being skinny from the older guys that prompted him to get to the gym and try to bulk up.

The gym and training soon became Paul’s passion and he exercised at least 5 days a week. It was Paul’s best friend that suggested he go into it as a career, as he had helped so many friends get in shape over the years.The rest as they say is history.

Experience teaches you that anyone can train clients hard . However the real skill comes in enabling clients to build strong foundations, to achieve great results without injury.

So Paul is living proof that you don’t have to be gifted with an athletic body or sporting skills to be fit and stay in shape. You just need determination and dedication and in the end, you will succeed.

That is exactly what we at Core Results are here to do, give you the support motivation and education to make sure you succeed and get results.

For the last 14 years he has worked at several health clubs in Portsmouth, Epsom and Chichester. He has worked as fitness instructor, class teacher and personal trainer and this has developed him into a well-rounded coach. Paul has also worked for Southdowns Adult education College teaching the YMCA Level 2 gym/circuit course.

From 2009-2012 Paul was based out of his own dedicated private personal training studio and in meeting Greg Smith in 2012, created Core Results and moved into a our current facility.

Paul has brilliant relationships with all his clients, most of whom have trained with him for 4 years or more, some have even trained with him for 10 years.

If you train with Paul, he makes a number of promises to you. He will:

  • hold you accountable to your health and fitness
  • provide you with a nutrition plan to help you towards your goals
  • give you the best help and advice that he can
  • teach you that technique comes before anything else, without it you are on a fast track to injury.
  • be reliable, professional and realistic with your goals and training
  • train you as hard as you are willing and able to safely train
  • not ask YOU to do anything he can’t or won’t do himself

Paul specialises in core conditioning and corrective exercise and has several years experience in dealing with competitive cyclists.