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One Size Does Not Fit All in Fitness and Weight Loss

Social media is a wonderful thing, and I for one am an avid user of it. There are streams and streams of information regarding health and fitness, from the best way to cut an avocado to the easiest muscle mass building techniques. Whenever I have a health and fitness related query or want to try […]

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Claire’s Story

I started training with Paul 10 years ago at a time when I was dealing with the aftermath of post natal depression, chronic fatigue and horrific hip pain. I hated training, like really hated it. I have always had weight issues and never been sporty but I knew to keep my mental health on track […]

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Overcoming Gym Anxiety

There are many gyms across the UK that are scary places. Lots of grunting, loud music, general clanging and banging, as well as chalk and sweat on the floor and not to mention the ‘barely there’ gym gear. On top of all this, when you gaze around it looks as if you are surrounded by […]

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The Benefits of Weight Training for Over 60s

If you are in your 60s and you hear the term ‘weight training’ your mind may transport you to an image of young Arnold Schwarzenegger type characters lifting heavy weights in a sweaty gym. Well, let us dispel that myth as weight training doesn’t have to be just about getting bigger muscles. As you reach […]

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Ten Triathlons: Ailsa’s Story

Tell me I can’t do something, and I’ll do it – in this case, I’ll do it ten times. Since my 40th birthday five years ago, I’ve set myself yearly challenges. These have been varied and included learning to play the drums to get a new qualification, amongst other things. They are always challenging; they […]

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