Work with us - Core Results

The perfect gym for those who have never trained in a gym before or who may not have set foot in the gym for years. If the idea of going to the gym fills you with dread and you are worried that everyone will look at you and judge you, then Core Results is the gym for you.

With many years in the industry and a fair amount of time spent working in commercial health clubs, we have seen that most commercial health clubs are ideal places for people who seem to have at least a basic understanding of how to train.

They work for people who are confident enough to just crack on with exercising in the gym. Unfortunately this is a very small percentage of the gym going population and if this is not you, the chances are, joining a commercial gym is just not going to work for you. 

​Core Results is a different prospect. We provide an inclusive, friendly and non judgemental environment. We have a large amount of experience of taking complete gym novices and turning them into experienced gym users who know how to effectively warm up, train with purpose and progression and generally get stronger and move better, all whilst losing weight and inches were it counts.

All of our sessions are based around groups in one way or another. You will have access to our large group sessions or if you are having personal training you will be training with at the same time as a number of other members who are not only on the same journey as you, but will be there to support and push you when you need it. Your sessions will be more about you and the other exercises than our trainers. They are there to make sure you are exercising safely and effectively and of course progressing as you should. We are firm believers in the power of training with others.

​We are not a good fit of a gym if you are more worried about posing in the mirrors and taking selfies, wear earphones for your entire workout and don’t want to be part of the community.

As a community gym, we are sociable and friendly group of people that stand together to help each and every one of our members be the best that they can be.