About - Core Results

Core Results is more than a gym or your average personal trainer

At Core, you are not just another membership number, but an integral member of our fitness family. This is what sets us apart from other gyms. You will not be left to either sink or swim. You will be guided and supervised by our fantastic staff every time you visit the gym and you will have all our other members on your side to cheer you on to your goals.

Get trained under constant supervision

As a Core Results member, you will see progression in your health, weight and fitness every week and this will accelerate you towards your goals, guaranteed. Core Results guarantee you will be looked after and have constant supervision whilst exercising, to ensure that you are training safely and efficiently. If you are unsure of something, we are always on hand to help out. No hiding in the corner not knowing what to do at Core Results, it is a friendly and successful environment!

Get looked after by our entire team

"Paul and Greg started Core Results in 2012. Originally a Personal Training only studio, our clients could only train in our facility when they trained with us. Most of our clients had gym memberships elsewhere.

As trainers we also had a decade each of experience of working in the big chain health clubs and witnessed first hand how they failed their members.

We wanted to create something different. Our number one goal was to create a place where we could effectively train our clients to help them achieve their goals, but it was also evident we needed to provide a place which was welcoming, friendly and supportive. Not only did people enlist our services because we got results, but they knew that at Core Results, they found a place that was inclusive and non judgemental, they also found a ready made fitness family who were there to cheer them on every step of their health and fitness journey.

In our collective 40 years of experience with working with all kinds of people who are trying to make their health a priority and their bodies stronger we have come to realise that the people we have made the biggest difference to, are those who had little or no experience with training before they worked with us and our best feedback has come from those who have been let down by the big chain health clubs.

So, if you have had no success getting results from health clubs, or you just just find that most gyms are big scary places full of judgmental fitness freaks, then come down and meet us at our facility and you can find out that you can do it a different way and make health and fitness and fun and enjoyable part of your life.”

Whatever goal you want to achieve, fat loss, weight loss, improved posture and function, injury prevention and recovery or just general improved strength and fitness, that will be our primary focus.

As a member, you will be looked after by our entire team and benefit from the knowledge and experience of all our trainers. With over 50 years of experience, you can be sure we have the knowledge to get you to your goals.


Owner, Personal Trainer

A true professional, Greg has a passion for fitness and training


Owner, Personal Trainer

Paul is not your stereotypical personal trainer, he didn’t enter


Personal Trainer

Emily started working in the fitness industry in 2010,


Personal Trainer

Matt was first introduced to sport at 6yrs old boxing, kick

At Core Results we are turning health and fitness on its head in Chichester. We do not simply do something a certain way because that is how it has always been done. We are always looking for the most effective way for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.