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Advent Calendar Day 17 – Home Exercise Programme – Rotating Planks

The plank is an excellent exercise for core conditioning, it supports correct posture and works the glutes and hamstrings. Start in a standard plank position but with feet wider than shoulders and forearms parallel under shoulders The object here is to maintain a strong neutral spine while rotating from one side to the other Try […]

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Advent Calendar Day 14 – Home Exercise Programme – Deadbugs

Its Advent Calendar Day 14 and we are celebrating with a great #exercise to add to your Home Exercise Programme – Deadbugs. This is a great core exercise, which is supposed to be manageable; it is not necessary to perform holding a heavy weight. Begin lying on your back, legs at 90 degrees, arms by […]

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Advent Calendar Day 13 – Survive The Desk – Organise The Office Mexican Wave

It is that time of the year… the Christmas holiday is looming and the end of year deadlines are becoming more urgent. It’s a time when everyone is putting you under pressure to get things wrapped up for the year and you feel like you are chained to your desk. Too many hours sitting at […]

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Advent Calendar Day 12 – Home Exercise Programme – The 4 Sign

At Core Results we like to assess all our members before they start exercising. Over the years we have used a number of different protocols including static and dynamic postural assessments and movement screens. For the last year we have started using a Biomechanic Trainer screen. This is a series of muscle function and range […]

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Advent Calendar Day 10 – Laughter for the Soul

Add humour into your life and laugh! Not only does laughing make you feel better it makes other people feel better too. December particularly is a month where people reflect on loved ones lost, challenges they have encountered throughout the year, and some people need a bit of cheering up. So what’s the science? Laughter […]

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