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Am I too unfit to join your gym?

It still surprises me how often I hear this when speaking to new enquiries or trial members. We specialise in looking after people that might feel that a normal gym environment is not for them. In fact, many of our members had never been a gym member before joining Core, but I regularly find our […]

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Want to hit your goals? Focus on the process and not the finish line!

Every year we dust off the old goal setting article, make a few edits and repost thinking it will be a great way for people to get the new year started on the right foot.Don’t get me wrong, having a goal is important, but maybe it is time to try things a bit differently this […]

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Peter has lost 50kg!

The Journey to Losing 50kg This last week, Peter was doing his usual check-in when he saw that he had officially reached his original goal – to lose 50kg! We couldn’t have him reach this milestone and not have him be our member of the week could we? This is a huge achievement and we […]

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Moving Around Your Desk Job

Whether you’re already keeping fit or looking to improve on your activity levels, your desk job is likely having a negative impact on your physical health. Yes, most of us spend the majority of our week in the workplace, and mostly sitting down. Being in the seated work environment for long periods of time seriously […]

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Prepare for your marathon!

It’s that time of year again; the final countdown to the London and Brighton Marathons 2019 has begun! With the events just around the corner and marathon training in full swing, the warmer weather has enticed many more people out jogging (despite the rain). However, jogging around the block and clocking up those miles is […]

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