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Hannah Cooper – ‘Back’ Story

Hannah has been with Core Results for a little over a year, and not only is she member of the week this week, she has written an excellent account of her journey so far…

I went through a traumatic back injury around 4 years ago. This had me in excruciating pain to the point where I couldn’t sleep, walk or eat. I was constantly on strong medication, which only took the edge of the pain away and therefore I was often in tears.

I had been to numerous professionals, but 95% of them hadn’t helped.

Eventually, I was rushed to hospital having had a physical break down and I was told by the hospital that if they didn’t operate there was a strong chance of paralysis. I can’t describe how scary that is. They operated and I could walk, which was a god send in itself, and 60% of the pain had gone.

However, I was still in pain and my standard of living had reduced dramatically. The 5 miles of swimming, the 20km of running and the gym sessions three times a week I used to do before my injury, were no more. I got to the point where I had accepted my fate. The specialists advised that I could either try to improve my back through core training, or they could put a massive bolt in my back so I could only bend 90 degrees and lose the rest of the movement in my pelvis!

I left London in the vain hope that removing the commute would help my back, which it did, but only slightly. By some turn of fate, I found Core Results online. I’d had enough experience with fitness that I knew I didn’t just need a commercial gym where you’d get a generic programme from a PT who was “going through the motions”. I needed a bespoke gym that didn’t just look at building muscle, they knew the dynamics of the body and used that knowledge to integrate body conditioning to help injuries. This mean I was suddenly in luck!

I have to say I was not only skeptical (once bitten, twice shy) but also scared. Because I had hurt my back so many times working out (or just from getting out of bed the wrong way – it was that weak), I had lost all confidence and trust in professionals.

The Core Results team were brilliant! They examined my body and told me where I needed to improve my body mechanics, they gave me a bespoke programme and worked on my body a bit at a time, not pushing me however still supporting me.

It’s a friendly small gym so everyone knows each other.You walk in and people smile and say hello and you make friends.

I often turn up with associated injuries (the knock on effect of having a back injury for so many years) and they adapt and tweak my programme to suit me. It’s great. It means I can come to the gym and work out the rest of my body without affecting the area which is sore or troublesome at the time. That way I am always getting value for money.

I have slowly built my back and body up in the last year. To write this now for me is really emotional.

I never thought my back would get stronger and my lifestyle would improve, however it really has.

I went camping for the first time this year at a festival. Something I had completely written off as never being achievable. I walked 75,000 steps over 51km over the whole weekend, danced for hours, slept on the ground, sat on the ground, lifted heavy bags and yet my back only tweaked mildly a couple of times. I even competed in a sailing regatta this year over a couple of days, and deadlifted 55kgs this week which is a personal best for me – I was delighted! For the first time in 4 years I am hopeful. It’s all thanks to the dedication and support of the Core Results team. I am over the moon and so relieved I can finally be hopeful.

A massive thank you to the Core Results Team for all their help, they have helped change my life for the better!

By Core Results client Hannah Cooper.

We find this a very inspiring story, and it’s amazing to think how far Hannah has come! If you or anyone you know is suffering with back issues please get in touch with one of our team for a free consultation*!

*Please get the relevant consent from a suitable health professional/specialist.

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