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Overcoming Gym Anxiety

There are many gyms across the UK that are scary places. Lots of grunting, loud music, general clanging and banging, as well as chalk and sweat on the floor and not to mention the ‘barely there’ gym gear. On top of all this, when you gaze around it looks as if you are surrounded by the fittest people in the world. This can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s your first day at the gym.

This insecure feeling and fear of being judged is all too common for people starting out at the gym. Gym anxiety is a real feeling that many people experience, if left unaddressed it can affect your attendance, enjoyment, confidence and importantly, your ability to work on your own health and wellbeing. To be quite honest with you when you strip all of this gym bravado back, very often you are left with not much more than a small warehouse with a few pieces of equipment in it. The good news is that gym anxiety can be overcome, and with time your stress and anxieties about entering these spaces will fade, allowing you to fulfil your potential.

Core Results

In our collective 40 years of experience with working with all kinds of people who are trying to make their health a priority and their bodies stronger, we have come to realise that the people we have made the biggest difference to are those who had little or no experience with training before they worked with us and our best feedback has come from those who have been let down by the big chain health clubs. So, if you have had no success getting results from health clubs, or you just find that most gyms are big scary places full of judgmental fitness fanatics, then come down and meet us at our facility and you can find out that you can do it a different way and make health and fitness a fun and enjoyable part of your life.

Remind Yourself

Remembering why you turned up to the gym in the first place is key to dispelling gym anxiety. You wanted to attend the gym or meet with one of our fitness professionals because…? I shall leave that sentence open for you to finish. Do ask yourself this question each time you arrive at the gym, or just before your class, or whilst you’re getting changed to meet your trainer. This poignant question, or rather the answers to it will provide you with confidence, reinforcement and adrenaline fuelled answers to subdue any gym anxieties present. Of course the answers will be different for each individual but no less powerful. Remind yourself why you are there and what you want to achieve.


By taking ‘choice’ out of the equation you immediately reduce gym anxiety. Anxiety is provoked when you haven’t yet decided whether you are going to the gym after work tonight, or if you missed last week shall I even go this week, shall I go this morning or wait for tomorrow’s class when its less busy?! These choices are all anxiety producing enemies.

By creating an exercise habit or routine you take choice out of your weekly structure and in turn reduce gym anxiety. Routine allows you to overcome the many excuses you tell yourself when pondering about exercise. Routine brings consistency and this consistency is what boosts your confidence in attending the gym.

Committing to a weekly routine of exercise will keep you accountable to attending the gym. Knowing that your class or trainer is waiting for you at the same time every week takes choice out of the equation. Creating a routine will eventually become a stimulating and uplifting part of your lifestyle.

The Environment

Core Results isn’t just ‘any old gym’, our gym space is specially structured to empower our clients to fulfil their goals. Our semi-private gym is a compact, dedicated and focussed centre as opposed to these giant bustling gym chains swallowing up the high streets. As a result we are able to reduce gym anxiety further by providing tailored slots for our guests that includes guidance and supervision by our personal trainers. We create an environment that is friendly and encouraging, our clients get to know each other and support each other day to day. Gym anxiety is diluted by the support of your peers and staff alike, making a strong platform for enjoyment, and success.


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