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Core Results R.E.S.U.L.T Programme Phase 1 & 2

As discussed in our previous article, our 12 phase R.E.S.U.L.T Programme is our blueprint that not only guides you towards your health and fitness goals, but also educates you for a lifetime of safe and effective training.

Phase 1: Work capacity, movement improvement and exercise technique work.

Many of the people we work with at Core Results are new to the gym, and many have not exercised for quite some time. We spend some time introducing them to weight training, but with a focus on good technique.

Body weight exercises are the exercise of choice here, but we will also incorporate a kettle bell or dumbbell where appropriate. We also introduce our member to both the sled and the prowler (not always a pleasant first meeting!).

We keep the rep range low and sets high in this phase (with low load), but we superset exercises together with little to no rest between sets to make sure there is also a focus on work capacity.

This may be very different from what is applied at other gyms, but there is method in our madness – don’t knock it till you try it!

Phase 2: Toned and Strong

This is our first foray into muscle building and strength training.

With the right exercise progression and a change in the set and rep protocol, we introduce our members to a more traditional weight training protocol, which works on adding some muscle and strength into our member’s lives.

This focus is more on dumbbell exercises and more traditional weight training exercises.

Technique is, as always, key with less focus on load. This will be tough, but nowhere near maximum lifting.


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