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Eat like a caveman

Well its been a long time since I have written a blog so here’s one for April.

As I am sure you are aware, there are many different diets & always of eating and experts on each variant available to us.

At Core Results we constantly get asked how people should eat and if they can deviate from our nutrition guide as they find it tough.

Our nutrition guide is just that, it’s a guide. However we know that if you stick to it you will get the results you are after.

So what you have to ask yourself is how much do I want results? Is the reason you train to offset the eating & drinking that you know you shouldn’t be doing?

I can tell you that for many of my clients over the years, it has been exactly that.

So are these clients wasting their time or should they give it all up & let everything start heading south?

Of course not, because their health & fitness levels will deteriorate dramatically in a short space of time. So are we failing any clients that are not achieving their results? Well I am sure some people may say we are, but as the saying goes…you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

As much as we would love all our clients to follow our guidelines, that is not a realistic expectation. We give or clients as much support as possible, but ultimately they only spend a few hours a week with us. The rest of the time is down to there self discipline &/or the help of their friends and family.

So lets assume that most people want the best of both worlds, they want Results but they also want to eat & drink the things they enjoy. The only way this will work is to give yourself some rules. You will need to limit the days you make incorrect food & drink choices ,simply because most people can not exercise off the amount of calories they consume on these days.

Find a formula that works for you, one size does not fit all.

Now we believe that Humans were designed to eat roughage, nuts seeds meat & fish. This belief comes from common sense thinking, and looking at what was available to us as cavemen and woman.

In all likely hood we probably ate less protein then they we recommend to you now. Of course this is because as cavemen we had to hunt it, rather than just pop to Sainsbury’s .

Having said this once we had chased and speared our wildebeest, we would have eaten enough protein in one go for the month as we couldn’t pop it in the freezer, then sleep it off for a day…hmm I like the sound of that!

We didn’t start farming or growing wheat, rice oats or potatoes for 1000’s of years, so it stands to reason that our bodies may not be designed for these foods.

I liken it to unleaded petrol and modern vehicles (bare with me on this). Years ago before iPads and the internet, we all used to run our cars on Leaded petrol. Then we realised that breathing in lead was probably a bad idea and switching to unleaded was a much better idea. If you are over a certain age you may remember the transition between the fuels. Some people just started filling there old cars with the new unleaded fuel without having them modified. Initially there was no obvious difference apart from a slight loss of horsepower. Then in time the engines would slowly destroy themselves from the inside out, because they were designed to run with lead coating the valves and cylinders. Eventually everybody either had there car converted to run on unleaded, added additive to the unleaded fuel or bought a newer car.

So the summery to my brief history lesson on petrol is that if we insist on feeding our bodies with fuel we are not designed to run on, then we shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t run perfectly.

Leaded cars were converted to run on unleaded petrol, but nobody has converted the human body to run on wheat, rice, potatoes and grains yet. Every year the number of people with food intolerance, allergies, bowel and stomach problems is going up & up. Lets hope that people start to make the common sense approach sooner rather than later. Considering this is the case most peoples bodies do a very good job of coping with the food given to them.

Why put up with feeling just “fine” when you can feed your body with the right fuel and feel amazing!?

Eat like a caveman to perform like a race car!


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